Electronic Waste Recycling


UPCYCLE USA is a fast growing leader in the Electronic Waste Recycling industry. We are seeking driven and motivated individuals to join our team and have several career and internship opportunities available.

Available Positions

We are hiring individuals for the following Electronic Waste Recycling jobs.

Scheduling and Logistics
Inventory Management and Logistics Oversight

Inventory Management
Customer Service, Data Analytics and Operational Development

Business Development
Client Acquisition and Business Development Representative


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Why work at UPCYCLE USA?

Do you want to make the world a better place? Help clean up the environment and change the way electronic waste is handled throughout the U.S. by starting a career at UPCYCLE USA.

UPCYCLE USA is growing by leaps and bounds across America and our company is hiring talented, reliable individuals to help fuel our sustainable growth in the Electronic Waste Recycling industry. Come join UPCYCLE USA in its pursuit of environmentally safe, socially responsible growth.

UPCYCLE USA’s workplace culture

UPCYCLE USA senior leadership is focused on recognizing the hardworking employees at our company. We strive to make every employee feel accomplished and rewarded while pursuing a career in Electronic Waste Recycling.

UPCYCLE USA is proud to acknowledge our drivers, recycling specialists, logistics managers, and more every month with our Employee of the Month celebrations.

Upcycle USA recycling process

A Full Service Solution

UPCYCLE USA has grown into a full service Electronic Waste Recycling company that services single and multi-location accounts across the U.S. As a fully integrated company, our UPCYCLE Process and recycling services are designed to provide a complete E-Waste Recycling solution that is matched with personalized, world-class service.


Discover our 18 convenient pickup locations across the USA for easy electronic waste recycling. Join us in responsibly disposing of your end-of-life IT equipment, whether you’re a school, business, hospital, municipality, or government agency.


Committed to growth and sustainability, UPCYCLE USA is constantly expanding our services and reach. Stay tuned for new pickup locations and enhanced electronic waste recycling solutions, as we strive to serve schools, businesses, hospitals, municipalities, and government agencies nationwide.

Electronic Waste Recycling


At UPCYCLE USA, we make it easy for organizations to do the RIGHT thing with their End of Life Electronic (EOL) IT Equipment. Honest, reliable & secure electronic waste recycling services.