Electronic Waste Recycling

Relocation Services

Experience seamless electronics relocation with UPCYCLE USA. Our experienced team ensures a smooth process, handling everything from packing to transportation, to minimize downtime and disruption to your business.

Effortless Electronics Relocation

Make your electronics relocation a breeze with UPCYCLE USA’s comprehensive relocation services. Whether you’re moving offices or upgrading your equipment, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.


Professional Handling

Our experienced team ensures that your electronics are handled with care throughout the relocation process. From packing to transportation, we guarantee the safety of your equipment.


Secure Data Management

Protect your data during the relocation process with our secure data management services. We follow industry best practices to ensure that your sensitive information remains confidential.


Environmentally Responsible Disposal

Dispose of unwanted electronics responsibly with our environmentally responsible disposal solutions. We prioritize recycling and reuse to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.


Streamlined Process

Our streamlined process ensures that your electronics relocation is completed efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business operations. We work around your schedule to ensure a seamless transition.


Join the UPCYCLE USA Family

Join us in our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Together, we can make a difference by creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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What Can You Upcycle?


When it comes to recycling your EOL IT equipment it is hard to figure out what you can and cannot recycle. At UPCYCLE USA we can help you properly recycle or upcycle anything with a plug! When it comes to your privacy, we take it seriously. All computers, laptops, tablets, and hard drives are cleared of any personal information that might be stored on them. Learn more about what you can recycle or speak with a Recycling Specialist today!


Cell Phones






Who We Serve

From Fortune 500 corporations to local school districts and small businesses, UPCYCLE has the resources and capacity to service an enterprise level account, while always providing a boutique, small business style of personalized service. Learn more about how UPCYCLE is providing best in-class ITAD services for all of our partners.

A Full Service Solution

UPCYCLE USA has grown into a full service Electronic Waste Recycling company that services single and multi-location accounts across the U.S. As a fully integrated company, our UPCYCLE Process and recycling services are designed to provide a complete E-Waste Recycling solution that is matched with personalized, world-class service.


Discover our 18 convenient pickup locations across the USA for easy electronic waste recycling. Join us in responsibly disposing of your end-of-life IT equipment, whether you’re a school, business, hospital, municipality, or government agency.


Committed to growth and sustainability, UPCYCLE USA is constantly expanding our services and reach. Stay tuned for new pickup locations and enhanced electronic waste recycling solutions, as we strive to serve schools, businesses, hospitals, municipalities, and government agencies nationwide.


UPCYCLE USA is a full service Electronic Recycling & E-Waste Disposal company. Our mission is to provide customized Electronic Waste Recycling services to schools, businesses, hospitals, municipalities & government agencies. Our Electronic Recycling & Disposal services provide a path to effectively and sustainably manage the disposal of EOL IT equipment.

Electronic Waste Recycling


At UPCYCLE USA, we make it easy for organizations to do the RIGHT thing with their End of Life Electronic (EOL) IT Equipment. Honest, reliable & secure electronic waste recycling services.