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Data Centers are becoming the foundation of our communication networks. UPCYCLE USA has developed a secure process for managing the process of de installing and managing devices from data centers around the country.

Asset Management and Electronic Waste Recycling for Data Centers

UPCYCLE USA is an electronic waste recycling service provider for data centers. We recognize that the process of disposing of electronic waste can be critical particularly for data centers. We have honed our expertise in delivering secure data center and electronic recycling solutions to meet the distinct requirements of data centers of all sizes.

With our extensive experience serving data centers, we possess in-depth knowledge of the distinctive needs and data security prerequisites associated with electronic waste disposal. Our services ensure secure and eco-friendly end-of-life IT equipment management customized to fit the specific needs of every data center we partner with.


Why UPCYCLE USA for Your Data Center?

At UPCYCLE USA, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and responsible management of electronic waste in data centers. We ensure that all electronic waste generated by data centers is recycled in compliance with state and federal regulations, providing detailed compliance reporting to give you peace of mind.

Here are some reasons why data centers choose UPCYCLE USA.

Compliance: Compliance with regulations governing electronic waste management is crucial for data centers. Our reliable services ensure that your electronic waste is disposed of in compliance with all relevant state and federal regulations, allowing you to maintain compliance without worry.

Data Security: Data centers deal with sensitive data on a daily basis, and protecting this data is a top priority. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques to permanently erase all data from outdated IT equipment before recycling it. This ensures that your data remains confidential and protected from potential data breaches.

Environmental responsibility: We understand the importance of environmental responsibility in data centers. We are committed to recycling all electronic waste generated by data centers in an ecologically responsible manner that meets the strict standards set by the industry. Our eco-friendly approach aligns with your environmental initiatives.

Hassle-Free Service: We make the process effortless for you. Our team will handle all aspects of the e-waste recycling process, from collection to disposal, so you can focus on other important tasks

Don’t let your electronic waste pile up! Connect with a recycling specialist at Upcycle today to learn more about our sustainable and compliant electronic waste recycling services for data centers.


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What Can You Upcycle?


When it comes to recycling your EOL IT equipment it is hard to figure out what you can and cannot recycle. At UPCYCLE USA we can help you properly recycle or upcycle anything with a plug! When it comes to your privacy, we take it seriously. All computers, laptops, tablets, and hard drives are cleared of any personal information that might be stored on them. Learn more about what you can recycle or speak with a Recycling Specialist today!


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Who We Serve

From Fortune 500 corporations to local school districts and small businesses, UPCYCLE has the resources and capacity to service an enterprise level account, while always providing a boutique, small business style of personalized service. Learn more about how UPCYCLE is providing best in-class ITAD services for all of our partners.


Discover our 18 convenient pickup locations across the USA for easy electronic waste recycling. Join us in responsibly disposing of your end-of-life IT equipment, whether you’re a school, business, hospital, municipality, or government agency.


Committed to growth and sustainability, UPCYCLE USA is constantly expanding our services and reach. Stay tuned for new pickup locations and enhanced electronic waste recycling solutions, as we strive to serve schools, businesses, hospitals, municipalities, and government agencies nationwide.

Electronic Waste Recycling


At UPCYCLE USA, we make it easy for organizations to do the RIGHT thing with their End of Life Electronic (EOL) IT Equipment. Honest, reliable & secure electronic waste recycling services.